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Ahh, Marc has entered Manhood! Come one, come all, celebrate with us as my brother Marc hits the "Teenager" status. The Flash3 Plug-in is required.
The Ghost of Crappies Past Visit the entry pages and a handful of other odds and ends from past versions of the Crappy Page to stoke up that warm fuzzy nostalgia.
The Insane-O-Meter That's right, you can now join the fun in watching med-school permanantly alter the brain of a once normal and well integrated member of society. Be a part of my brother Tim's great adventure; laugh with him, cry with him, marvel at him.
Happy Birthday Dad, August 9, 1998 This is a little Flash 3 movie I put together to wish Pop a high-tech birthday. The Macromedia Flash 3 plug-in is required to view the card. To return to the trinkets section, use the green navigation bar at the top of the screen.
Online big-brothering, Mike style This trinket requires the Flash 3 plug-in to view.

Hate Gates? If you really dislike Microsoft and their head honcho, you might like this little piece of humor from one of the MS Word Programmers.
Try this:
  1. Open a new MS Word document
  2. Type I'd like to see Bill Gates dead
  3. Highlight the text
  4. Press Shift F7
Voila! No doubt you'll love this if you haven't already seen it!