Joe's Crappy Page
Last Modified September 23, 1998
My how the time does fly. A week has passed since the release of the "New And Improved" Crappy Site, and I have gotten some time for a couple of additions. There is a new beautiful and elegant specialty gallery that I have uploaded into the Gallery Section. Also, I have added a very brief history lesson on some of the past visuals here at the Crappy Page (you can also find this in the Trinkets Area).

In the plans for very near updates are; new comments by the butcher, new photos added to the gallery, updated Insane-O-Meter (very scary indeed), and a "Coming Soon" window on the homepage to keep you current on future plans for the Crappy Page.

September 15, 1998
This is the third major revision, but you can read all about that in the Site History Page. No new major areas have been added since the last revision, but the layout, graphics, and content have otherwise been altered heavily. "Altered How?", your amazingly inquisitive mind is now asking. Well The Butcher has had a busy August, and is willing to share his adventures with special ol' you. Also, you now have the intriguing opportunity to watch as my brother Tim the Med-Student goes crazy. Monitor his gradual digression with the Insane-O-Meter, located in the trinkets area of the Crappy Site. And one of the most ambitious accomplishments is the new photo-gallery, which now holds 90 sensational heart-warming award winning photos - that's an additional 72 photos since version 1.5 of the site.

Yes, as you can well imagine, the list goes on and on, but you my friend must dig deep into your well of courage and curiosity, and you must explore for yourself if you wish to uncover the Crappy Site's beautiful intricacies. Good luck, my young Jedi Knights, and may the torch see fifth blue (or whatever).

-Jingle Bell Joe, Giver of Wondrous Websites

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